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Welcome to your drone programming terminal! Tap on or drag commands from the top to enter them. Tap on test to try your code against a test drone. Try things! Use labels, call and goto to control the flow of your logic. Use scan together with if commands to make intelligent decisions. And don't forget to fire that laser weapon!

When your drone is ready to enter the arena - tap Deploy! Good luck!

Red: Your drone
Blue: Avega demo drone

Your health: Opponent health:

Your status:


Tävla med din robot och vinn en heldags workshop med hemlig gästföreläsare på tema avancerad JavaScript i våra lokaler i Stockholm. Glöm inte att skriva in e-post och telefonnummer så vi kan nå dig.

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Thank you!

Your drone has now entered the AVEGA DRONE ARENA.

Your drone logic unit is upgraded.

Visit Avega Group on location to experience your drone performing in battle!

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